ART srl

Operates in the field of Environmental Reclamation Company

Decontamination 3M

A.R.T. S.r.l. proposes different types of decontamination units according to sites logistics.

Decontamination Unit

Rack 1200 AM

Mobile water management system A.R.T. with automatic ignition device of the filtration unit.

Rack Water Management System And Filtration

Negative Pressure Unit 1500

A.R.T. S.r.l., has designed and manufactures a wide range of air extractors with absolute filtration with flow rates ranging from 200 to 50.000 m³/h.

Negative Pressure Unit

Are you a professional who works in the field of environmental remediation, disposal of friable or compact asbestos?

We produce and market equuipment and products for the asbestos removal in a compact and friable matrix. Contact us if you need a specialized supplier on this matter.

 Air Samplers


 Smoke Generators


 Asbestos Encapsulants


 Pumps For Encapsulants


 Respiratory Protections Masks


 Polyethylene And Derivatives


 Others Equipments



We will be happy to offer advice for a quick resolution of operational site problems.
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