Decontamination Unit

In the asbestos reclamation procedures, both compact and friable, workers must use UDP decontamination unit (personal decontamination unit) equipped with: "Equipment Room (dirty dressing room), shower room and uncontaminated room (Clean room)"; for the removal of friable asbestos, a module such as "Air lock" is also used.

A similar decontamination unit is also used for cleaning the removed asbestos collection bags and for the contaminated tools that are taken out of the confined area, called UDM (material decontamination unit).

A.R.T. Srl proposes different types of decontamination units according to the site logistics and according to the type of asbestos to be disposed of: compact matrix or friable matrix.

For the work of reclaiming friable asbestos, a four-stage UDP is usually used, while for the reclamation of asbestos in compact matrix and as UDM, a three-stage unit.

The water filtration and heating unit is combined with the UDP for the personnel, while only the water filtration unit is usually combined with the UDM.

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