The reclamation of the materials containing asbestos involves the use of suitable absolute filtration vacuum cleaners (HEPA), both for the coarse decontamination of protective clothing, and for the cleaning of the work area. A.R.T. Srl sells vacuum cleaners of different types and with different construction features with high filtration efficiency and differentiated power and performance.
Essentially A.R.T. Srl proposes three groups of products: the Topper series derived from vacuum cleaners and industrial bulk liquids equipped with absolute filters; the Planet series, high quality industrial vacuum cleaners and liquids in stainless steel with a wide range of powers and accessories, also produced in ATEX conformation; and the Pulsar series, industrial vacuum cleaner (does not suction liquids) specially designed and homologated in Class H (HEPA) for the suction of hazardous dusts.

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