Decontamination Unit in Monoblock

The monoblock decontamination units have been designed to meet the needs of the lids who need to find fast solutions for the preparation of asbestos reclamation sites in compact matrix. The units are small in size so that they can be transported with small trucks; they are divided into 3.4 or 5 rooms according to customer needs. The floor is constructed with metal uprights in tubular uprights and all the supporting frames of the infill panels are entirely welded in continuous wire, so as to ensure greater solidity to the whole. The internal floor is made of chipboard covered with a laminate blade. The shower tray is constructed of stainless steel protected by a gray removable tread. The walls are made of sandwich panels in white milk painted plate. The ceiling is made with the same panels of the walls. The cover is in prepainted corrugated sheet and the entire perimeter is surrounded by a metal box with the eaves functions. The fixtures consist of double-walled, insulated and insulated doors, 70 centimeters wide, and if the model includes the technical compartment, it is equipped with a double-hinged and glass-lined door. The shower compartment is equipped with a special plate, complete with a flexible shower head and a special tap. The water management unit is added to the monoblock. It is installed in the technical compartment for some models and on the outside for other models. All models, with the exception of two, are equipped with an electrical system.

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