Encapsulation Pumps

In asbestos removal procedures, both in a friable matrix and in a compact matrix, it is essential to use encapsulants to fix the asbestos fibers which, if dispersed aircraft, increase the danger of inhalation and contamination.
All asbestos-cement or asbestos fiber supports must be adequately encapsulated before handling or handling. The wetting must be carried out by spraying with low pressure pumps.
A.R.T. Srl offers three different types of encapsulation pumps: Airless pumps, wheeled pumps and shoulder pumps.
The airless pumps can be used with any type of encapsulation, suitable for surface imbibition as well as for definitive encapsulation, while the wheeled pumps and the shoulder pumps are more suitable with the use of very liquid encapsulants and mainly intended for to removal work.

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