Encapsulants for Friable Asbestos

We speak of friable asbestos when the materials that contain it can be easily crumbled or reduced to powder with the simple manual pressure. In construction this type of material is very widespread in the insulation of ships and trains, plaster with sprayed and / or applied to trowel, in coatings of pipes or boilers, etc. The products made with asbestos bound in a friable and not very stable matrix, they are extremely dangerous as they have a strong tendency to free the fibers in the air. The reclamation of materials containing asbestos in a friable matrix is a complex operation both to be carried out operationally and because it is subject to particular security measures. In this section A.R.T. offers a range of encapsulants specially made for the various phases and the various types of asbestos removal in a friable matrix. Specific products for "decoilence", for "land reclamation" and for securing without removing supports made of fiber asbestos.

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