Air Samplers

The current legislation provides that during the interventions of reclamation of friable asbestos in confined areas, the MOCF technology should be used to carry out environmental monitoring of the airborne fibers in the areas surrounding the reclamation site.
The monitoring must be performed daily, from the beginning of the asbestos removal operations to the final cleaning and the containment barriers, the exit of the decontamination tunnel, the locker room, the exit of the extractors and the interior of the work area.
The legislation also provides for the possibility of sampling, again with the MOCF system, in areas facing asbestos manufactured in compact matrix, to evaluate the possible release of fibers of the product.
A.R.T. S.r.l., for this type of sampling, has a wide range of samplers, both personal and environmental, with different degrees of automation ranging from the simple ON / OFF button to the automatic programming of sampling.

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