Negative Pressure Unit

The rules on asbestos reclamation provide that, in order to effectively isolate the work area, it is necessary, in addition to "static confinement", to use an air extraction system that puts the reclamation site under pressure. outside (dynamic confinement). The extraction system must guarantee a volume of air changes equal to at least four spare parts now.

The air extractors, located on the side opposite the entrances to the building site, produce a constant flow of air from the outside towards the inside of the building site, in order to avoid any leakage of fibers. At the same time the system ensures air renewal and reduces the concentration of airborne asbestos fibers within the work area.

The polluted air of the confined area must be effectively filtered before being expelled outside the building site, therefore the extractors must be equipped with a HEPA filter (high efficiency: 99.97 DOP).

A.R.T. S.r.l., to perform this function, has designed and manufactures a wide range of absolute filtration air extractors with flow rates ranging from 200 to 50,000 m³ / h.

All the extractors are wheeled to facilitate transport, are equipped with backward-curved fans to ensure a more linear clogging efficiency curve in order to achieve greater exploitation of the absolute filters, are equipped with inverter for fan speed adjustment thus exploiting the engine torque for a better performance.

They are all equipped with pressure gauges to check the clogging status of the filter pack, have broken filter signaling devices and clogged filter with automatic stop and acoustic alarm signal.

Moreover, all the extractors are equipped with an interface socket for automatic speed regulation managed by an external digital pressure switch or for the automatic start of any spare pullers.

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