Asbestos Curtain


Asbestos Curtain is the most economical and optimal solution for short asbestos removal work when there is little space available. The frame is reusable while the polyethylene sheet of the cabin is to be replaced with every intervention. The structure is divided into three sections, with internal doors already cut for use. The aluminum frame is extremely resistant and robust, made with lightweight elements fitted with springs. It is inserted into the appropriate seats of the polyethylene structure and easily supports its weight. The walls, floors and ceilings are welded and integrate perfectly with the structure; being made of white milk polyethylene they allow the passage of light but at the same time ensure the privacy of the operators. In many cases, reclaimers use this unit to create a space between the contaminated and clean areas or to create a connecting corridor between the different work areas. Thanks to the installation of a shower tray, consisting of a fiberglass tank and its accessories, the unit is also used as a decontamination unit. The asbestos curtain is assembled and disassembled in a few minutes, it can be positioned in any direction, choosing, according to the needs, the entry and exit routes.


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