Respiratory Protection Masks

The personal respiratory protective devices against asbestos can be of various types, depending on the degree of protection that is intended to be insured and in relation to the level of environmental pollution in which it operates.
The European standard EN 529: 2005 indicates how to correctly select and use a respirator, based on the risk assessment. In this standard the "protection factor" is inserted, that is the ratio between the concentration of contaminant in the environment and its concentration inside the respirator. In the standard the Operative Protection Factor (FPO) was introduced, which is the level of protection of the respiratory tract that can realistically be expected in the work environment, instead of Nominal Protection Factor (FPN), which is only a notional value .
In the operations of asbestos removal in compact matrix, FFP3 filtering facades or half-masks combined with P3 filters are usually used, while in the asbestos removal works in friable matrix, only filter fans equipped with P3 filters combined with full face masks are used.

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