Technical Assistance and Maintenance

A.R.T. Srl it is also a producer of some equipment that it sells, and is therefore equipped with a special internal assembly and testing workshop for the equipment produced. This allows him to offer a qualified technical assistance and a punctual ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of all the equipment produced and / or marketed, both at his own premises and at the Customer. The customer can always find in A.R.T. Srl a team able to provide constant and valid technical support in the optimal management of the equipment used in the various sites. The considerable experience acquired by the staff with years of activity in the sector in constant collaboration with companies dedicated to the reclamation is an important and complementary added value that reverberates on the equipment produced and on the ordinary or extraordinary maintenance practiced on them.

Furthermore A.R.T. S.r.l., for all the equipment sold by you, offers, either directly or through the manufacturer, a periodic revision and maintenance service with the relative release of a certificate of revision.
Maintenance and revisions concern:
1) Unit of decontamination of personnel and material of A.R.T .;
2) Water filtration and heating unit by A.R.T. ,
3) A.R.T. air extractors;
4) Absolute filtration vacuum cleaners from Soteco Spa (Series: Amsterdam, Planet and Pulsar);
5) Personal and environmental atmospheric samplers of the Mega System;
6) Smoke Generators;
7) Bolver airless pumps and other brands;
8) Annovi and Reverberi wheeled pumps;
9) Half-masks, full face masks and filtering fans (BLS, SCOTT);
10) High-pressure washers.



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