Rack Management System and Water Filtration

The unit inq uestion incorporates a series of equipment and systems to support the removal of asbestos fibers. This unit consists of:

- An equipment for heating the water necessary for the decontamination of personnel, equipped with all the faucets for loading and unloading of the treated water, the mixer for regulating the water temperature and the automatic and manual device for switching on the pump;

- A negative pressure self-priming pump for draining waste water coming from the personnel decontamination unit, or from the washing tanks of the material coming from the areas contaminated by asbestos;

- From a water filtration group consisting of: a filtering unit that intercepts the contaminated water and which retains the bulk of the dirt to protect the pump impeller and a second filtration unit which, with three different filtration stages, allows to bring the waste water to the level of purity necessary to make it suitable for draining into the sewage system.

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