Depression Measurements and Controls for Negative Pressure Unit

To carry out the test of the depression of a "dynamic confinement" the extractors of air placed inside the area to be reclaimed are lit and then, with a probe of the depression meter inserted inside the confinement and the other to the external of the same, it occurs how much depression is created in the area at that time with the help of the extractors.
Depression meters can be placed in dynamic confinement permanently and a type of these can read the depression in a given time, print on a paper tape the depression measured at that time, so as to be able to certify the depression of confinement in scheduled times ..
A.R.T. Srl has three models of pressure gauges and / or differential pressure gauges: the Kimo 100 which is an instantaneous digital meter; The Provaset which is a constant reader of depression with a printed report on paper and which also drives the air extractors with inverters of the last ART series, the Digital Pressure Switch which, combined with the EPAP1 / 2 signal amplifier, is able to to drive more air extractors according to the pre-set depression.

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